How do you hummus?


You’re anything but vanilla, but you enjoy the classics. Your hummus should be full of chickpeas, a touch of tahini and a lot of tradition.


We get it. You like it hot. Maybe just a little, maybe a lot. Either way, our fiery flavors will surely spice things up for your taste buds – and your real buds too!


When everyone zigs, you zag. And that zest definitely shines through in your hummus taste palate. You want to dip your buffalo wings in your Ranch Hummus? Go ahead, we dare you.


Simple? No. Standard? Nay. You like your hummus as multifaceted as you are. So take your pita chip and get to dipping into these robust flavors!


Who doesn’t love the American Southwest? Since we know you can’t live in a world without these flavors in your hummus, we think you should grab some warm tortillas from your local tortillaria and dig in!

Perfect Hummus with pretzels

Our hummus is perfect...

...for spreading on anything, dipping into everything or adding to whatever is on the menu!

We start with chickpeas, add in only the best ingredients and then get creative with our flavors, so that you can experience many new “Wow, I never thought of that” hummus moments and occasions to share with your friends – or enjoy all by yourself.

So go ahead,

Tribe Something New

We take "Hummus is good for you" one step further.

No GMO Ingredients

Tribe Hummus is made with no-GMO ingredients. Our products are always kosher-certified, free of cholesterol and made with no hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup, so you can enjoy the wonderful taste of Tribe Hummus worry-free.

Hummus from chickpeas

Tribe Classic

The original match made in chickpea heaven. Pampered chickpeas tickled with tahini and kissed with a touch of garlic. The taste that launched a gazillion pita chips.

Tribe Mediterranean Style

Classic at the core but likes to shake things up just a little with a light drizzle of olive oil blend and a dusting of paprika over classic hummus.

Tribe Mediterranean Olive

Studded with flavorful green and black olives, this is tastier than picking olives straight from the tree. Can’t make it to the Mediterranean? This is the next best thing.

Tribe Roasted Garlic

Chickpeas and garlic were destined to be together. Roasting the garlic simply gives it more depth. More meaning. A deeper love for your crudités.

Tribe Classic Snackers

The hummus you know and love all packed up and ready to head out on a most savory adventure. Where to? You'll figure something out.

Tribe Party Tray

Shake things up at your next party by serving up this trio – Classic, Roasted Garlic and Sweet Roasted Red Peppers. Tempting. Tasty. It’s the new “It” appetizer.

Tribe Fiery Sriracha Swirl

A fiery blended base with Sriracha sauce swirled throughout for a spicy kick in every bite!

Tribe Spicy Red Pepper

Red peppers and select spices work their magic, giving sizzle seekers a taste on the wild side.

Tribe Ranch

Hummus, meet ranch. Ranch, meet Tribe Hummus. Our delicious and creamy ranch hummus flavor will make any veggie want to dive in for a dip!

Tribe Forty Spices

This exotic blend puts our chickpeas over the edge with all of these spices in one tasty bowl of hummus. So tantalizing…it dances off the shelf!

Tribe Zesty Spice & Garlic

With an artful blend of flavorful spices, topped with garlic and a sprinkling of zesty spices, this masterpiece is a hummus connoisseur favorite.

Tribe Lemon Rosemary

A delightful combination of bright citrus and fragrant rosemary, drizzled with a little olive oil blend.

Tribe Garlic & Herb Swirl

A garlic blended base with garlic & herb topping throughout is a garlic lover’s dream!

Tribe Sundried Tomato & Pesto Swirl

This intense Italian-inspired hummus has sun-dried tomatoes and pesto all swirled up and ready for your taste buds. But are you ready for it?

Tribe Everything

Who says you can’t have it all? Just like your favorite bagel, this hummus offers a wealth of riches. Sesames. Poppies. Onions. Everything you love in one delectable bowl.

Tribe Sweet Roasted Red Pepper

This hummus features sun-ripened peppers that are roasted for added pizazz and enticingly sets them off with a smattering of select spices.

Tribe Sweet Red Pepper Swirl

A new twist on a top-selling favorite with more red pepper goodness in every bite!

Tribe Smoky Chipotle Corn

Skip the food truck because this hummus is great for dipping with corn tortilla chips or fresh vegetables – or even as a topping at your next taco night.

Tribe Red Pepper with JalapeÑo

Replace sour cream in your next homemade burrito or taco with this hummus for a vibrant blend of red and jalapeño peppers finished with lime.

Fiery Sriracha Swirl
Forty Spices
Garlic & Herb Swirl
Lemon Rosemary
Mediterranean Olive
Mediterranean Style
Party Tray
Roasted Garlic
Spicy Red Pepper
Sundried Tomato & Pesto Swirl
Sweet Red Pepper Swirl
Sweet Roasted Red Pepper
Zesty Spice & Garlic
Smoky Chipotle Corn
Roasted Red Pepper Jalapeno

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